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Forging bespoke designer floors through classic craftsmanship, Footprint Floors are industry leaders in flooring.  We supply and install high quality timber floors, ensuring our customers peace of mind.


Footprint Floors have delivered hundreds of beautifully finished projects. Here is what a few of our customers had to say.


James Hancock
Master Builder
Greenstone Homes

“Footprint Floors have always met and exceeded my expectations. We have been working with them for several years and their expertise and efficiency to execute projects on time is impeccable. There have been numerous occasions the designs and site conditions have been very challenging. Footprint Floors have always delivered a quality result”.


Stefan & Shelly Constantoulos

“Recently we purchased a federation house, we found ourselves in a difficult situation. We discovered after pulling up the old carpet that the majority of the floorboards and joists had rotted to the core, due to moisture issues arising from poor bathroom plumbing. At last notice, Footprint floors provided us with an excellent quote. Advised us on the best timber for our design aesthetic and got the job done to an outstanding quality. Footprint Floors did it in record time, we are incredibly grateful”.



“We have been really impressed with the high level of craftsmanship and professionalism. Footprint Floors were consistently punctual and completed the job on time as promised. The attention to detail and quality of work is outstanding. The floor looks great and we would be more than happy recommending you to family, friends and colleagues”.


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About Us

Footprint Floors are design leaders in bespoke flooring options.



With unrivalled experience our install team are passionate producers of the finest quality craftsmanship. For both residential and commercial property, we’ll guide you from initial design concept to the appropriate flooring option and service through to job completion.

We guarantee all our work to the highest industry standard.

We specialise in turning floors into your ultimate design statement.


At a young age Isaac Dewes was inspired by unique design and classic craftsmanship through his work on rare colonial-style heritage cottages. Continuing his craft within the Sydney market and combined with Australia’s access to a variety of quality timber options, Isaac broke ground in the Sydney flooring market.

With an unrivalled eye for detail and contemporary design, Isaac quickly gained the respect and admiration within the Sydney Flooring industry.

Working alongside a hand picked team of exceptional architects and interior designers, creating luxurious timber floors, Isaac can perfectly reflect his clientele’s individual style and status.

Isaac’s artistic skill is highly regarded and recognised within the industry, evident through the high demand for him and his teams services.

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